~ Day 4 – Coos County and that damned elusive coast ~

06/03/2010 – 80.2 miles

Busted. Woke up this morning at 9:30 after going to bed at midnight. Been averaging about 10 hrs sleep per night. My body clearly needs it. Had the rest of left-over pizza for breakfast, showered, and began re-packing everything from the night before left out to dry. The cleaning lady at the motel warned of 40 mp/h winds up the coast, though this never materialized. A rambling motor-home dude from Texas gave me a jar full of motor oil that I used to oil my chain, which had been stripped completely dry from the previous day’s soaked riding. Checked out by 11:00, on the road by 11:30 (been slow getting going in the morning), and was completely soaked by 11:35.

Rolled into Port Orford by 14:00, dropped and shattered the jar of oil in the parking lot of the local grocery store in a rainbow-coloured iridescence (shit!). After cleaning up the glass, sheepishly went into the grocery store and bought 2 bananas, mango Snapple, original Lays potato chips, and a loaf of flax bread. Went across the street to the public library to eat sardine sandwiches under some shelter.

After a brief internet foray, was on the road again by 15:00, shivering violently in the process. Warmed up soon enough, though completely drenched, and continued on to Bandon, about 26 miles. Upon arriving, despite initial intentions, decided that it was time to step it up a notch. Especially since this would be another motel night. Continued on to Coos Bay, for a massive days travel, especially when considering the brutal elements. 80 miles through the brunt of a heavy storm system. Found this Bayshore Motel, where currently stationed, for $42. Its gaudy as hell, but perfectly adequate. Turned the heat up full blast, 30 minute screaming hot shower, revisited the process of unpacking everything to dry. God damn I hope to not go through this again tomorrow, though in all likelihood that will be the case. Still haven’t seen a ray of sunshine since entering Oregon. Time to crash.


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